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APEX Membership Process

You will do some paperwork which includes a Membership Application, a Liability Release, a Confidentiality Agreement, and an understanding of our financial policies.

Once you have chosen and paid for your membership (click to jump to Membership Types) you will be given a New Member Orientation which covers the APEX rules and basic etiquette, and a tour of the Club.

Within a few days, a New Member Email will be sent to you that includes some things that will make you comfortable in your new club.

What you need to bring
  • Government Issued Identification that includes your birth date

  • Form of payment (Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards are all accepted)

Membership and Orientation Opportunities

New Memberships and Orientations are ONLY done at our location. Click Here for Directions

New memberships to the Arizona Power Exchange can be obtained before non-play events.

NO new memberships will be done on the day of a party.

New memberships CANNOT be accepted during any APEX party.

Membership and orientation MUST be obtained AT LEAST 24 hours prior to any play event.

Every Monday 6:30pm (and typically an additional 10-15 each month) Check the APEX Calendar for other times/days.

Some Community events like the APEX BBQ/Open House

If you have a special request, or if you have any questions please contact:

Membership Options

There is a New Member Trial which gives you access to the club for 30 days while you get to know us. It covers all events (except noted special events). Once your 30 day trial is over, you can choose one of two options for your membership.

All Access: A flat fee which allows you access to all events at the club (except noted special events, or various charges like minimal “material fees”.)

Pay-Per-Event: Which means you pay a small annual fee and pay for the events that you attend. Prices for Pay-Per-Event Members are listed on the APEX Calendar.